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KM Girls Lacrosse Player


The primary goal of KM Lacrosse is to develop a positive environment where athletes are able to learn and develop the skills needed to play competitive lacrosse.


Yes, it's a no brainer that kids need to gain the skills in order to play competitively now and into the future. However, let’s dig a little deeper into what we mean by a "positive environment" and why it matters.


We believe: 

Teams that play for a great fanbase, win a lot of games. 

Teams that play for a great coach, win a lot of games. 

Teams that play for each other, win championships.


Since our inception, few have won as many state championships as KM Lacrosse. In fact, boys varsity has won 3 out of the last 6 state championships. 


Winning isn’t everything, nor are championships, but they serve as evidence. Evidence of a core belief that playing for each other - playing and working towards a common goal as a family - transcends skill and talent. Kids work harder, dream bigger, show more heart on the field and simply accomplish more when they play for one another.


It’s bigger than fans in the stands, bigger than the support system off the field. Our kids lives are enriched when they form bonds with their teammates. They have each others’ backs. They win together and lose together. When one scores a goal, wins a faceoff/draw, saves a shot on goal or forces a turnover, they all succeed and celebrate. Together. When they fall short, they pick each other up. This is what really matters, and it’s something that will carry with them throughout their lives.

KM Boys Lacrosse Player
Kettle Moraine Lacrosse Player Shadow


Mike Magill

V/JV Head Coach

John Ramage

V/JV Asst. Coach

Joe Greenspan

V/JV Asst. Coach

Robyn Schanau

V/JV Asst. Coach

Paige Freeman

V/JV Asst. Coach

Chuck Dulde

V/JV Asst. Coach


Ryan Cynkar

V/JV Head Coach

Kellen Asmundson

V/JV Offense Coor.

Sam Shaver

V/JV Asst. Coach

Auggie Hengel

V/JV Asst. Coach

Diego Smilanich

V/JV Asst. Coach


Jason Davidowski


Austin Mautz

Vice President

Kelly Jarvis


Christine Anderson


Mark Johansen

Dir. of Operations

Heather Renno

Girls Youth Coor.

Tom Stoll

Boys Youth Coor.

Jaime Dretzka

Events Coor.

Wade Kohlmann

Marketing Director


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